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“I had back pain and discomfort for over fifteen years because of a herniated disk. I started feeling much better after only TWO treatments. After treatment, I have been able to return to my normal work routine and golf games. I would definitely recommend Dr. Bishop to family and friends. He not only successfully treated my issue, he also gave me useful tips and an exercise regimen to prevent future discomfort.”

-Dr. Tommy Bender, Dermatologist

 “I had neck pain and underwent acupuncture and manipulative adjustments. The pain was much better after treatments. Dr. Bishop is very knowledgeable and adept. He has gone above and beyond most physical therapists in educating himself about Western and Eastern medicine. I highly recommend his practice.”

-Dr. Angela McCool-Pearson, OB/GYN

“I had back pain that was on and off for years. It became chronic and very bothersome by the end of the day and was changing how I worked. I saw Dr. Bishop, and with some acupuncture along with manipulation, he had my back healing great after TWO treatments. He showed me some stretches and slowly my back quit hurting-It made a great difference in my daily life. I have almost no pain now, and can run and work out several days a week. I have sent several other people to see Dr. Bishop and all were more than happy!”

-Dr. Daven Cave, Cardiologist

“I highly recommend Daniel to any of my patients, friends and family for spinal manipulation.  He has gone to great lengths to obtain a skill set from experts around the world.  He has superior outcomes with even the most challenging of clinical scenarios.”

-Dr. Matt Barfield, DO

 “I had soft tissue swelling and pressure on the sciatic nerve down my right leg-pain in lower back, leg, and foot for six plus years. I underwent one treatment: cupping, acupuncture, and adjustment-first true relief without drugs ever!!! Much quicker results. I finally feel hopeful for life without chronic pain. It felt so good and I feel ten years younger. I’ve seen so many doctors without answers or help. I would move here today to be close to this practice if I could!! I will make a five hour trip when I can!”

-Patti Christman

“I suffered from lower back pain on and off for 15 years. [It was] very intense pain – got to the point that I had to lay down due to constant pain. After ONE treatment of acupuncture and an adjustment, my pain went to ZERO! I got my mobility back. They took the time to talk to me and figured out what caused my pain and told me how I was aggravating the problem. They treated my pain and taught me how to prevent future problems.”

-Barry Brothers

“I love this office!! I have suffered with pain for 5 years. I have had shots, tried oral medication for pain. I escalated to the point that nothing was helping me. This morning I woke up in so much pain in my legs that it hurt with every step I took. After trying acupuncture for the first time, NO PAIN in my legs!!!! It did not dawn on me at first what I was feeling and it was actually what I was not feeling, the pain. Thank you for helping me when I felt at the point of helpless.”

-Cassandra Whitehead

“The pain I was experiencing was extreme back pain which started about two months ago. With this pain, I was not able to walk any distance or complete every day chores. The first day of physical therapy, Amanda set up a course of back exercises  and gave me a hand massage. I also had acupuncture every visit. I saw Amanda two or three times before I started feeling better. After three weeks, I went from having a level of pain at 9 to a level of pain at 1! It was unbelievable! As of now, I am almost pain free. I went back to doing everyday chores and can now walk a good distance. The care I received from Bishop Physical Therapy was both professional and caring. Amanda, Jessica and Patrick were so set in my recovery that I knew I was in the right hands. Thank you all very much!”

-Virginia Barfield

“Dr. Bishop and his staff have changed my day to day life. I have had chronic back and hip pain that was debilitating at times. Now I can function daily without pain. So happy I found them.”

-Lynn Cook

“Love Dr. Bishop! Fixed my back when no other Doctor could!! Highly recommend!!!”

-Jodi Keating

“Just finished 6 weeks worth of physical therapy at Bishop Physical Therapy….I’m a repeat customer…and this was the best ever! Thanks Daniel for your expertise and your willingness to constantly learn and update technique. Your staff is very well trained…from the office girls to the slave drivers(you know who you are!) Love you all…each of you have been a blessing to me!”  

-Debbie LaRose

Yamane Championship Mixed Martial Arts

Yamane testimonial

“The physical therapy and rehabilitation services [Bishop Physical Therapy] provided to Yamane Championship Mixed Martial Arts helped us achieve the 2014 SCORE award for Outstanding Small Business in America! You are awesome! Thanks a million!”   

-Niall Yamane

“I feel better than I have felt in years! I have had back problems for over 20 years. The difference since I started therapy with you is amazing!”

-Marti Gilley Smith

“I was in a boating accident that resulted in an inoperable herniated thoracic disc, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, bulging and degenerative discs. It wasn’t until I was referred to and treated by Dr. Daniel Bishop that I have even come close to having pain free days. I am now able to do things I thought I would never do again. I hope if there is anyone who is in pain and feeling hopeless that you will see Dr. Bishop as soon as possible and get your life back. I am so thankful to be under his care.”

-Nancy Ramsey

“Absolutely the best in physical therapy care! I don’t know that I could deal with my fibromyalgia and arthritic back problems without Dr. Bishop and his team. Great people – great practice!” 

-Linda Long Lunsford Caldwell

C.S. Lewis for the Local Church – Interstate Ministries

“This letter is an enthusiastic recommendation for Dr. Daniel Bishop as a physical therapist… In the last several months (to the end of 2012) I visited Dr. Bishop nearly twenty times for physical therapy, for treatment for my neck and back muscle spasms, and for pinched nerves in my leg… After several sessions, Dr. Bishop’s therapy, which includes acupuncture, heat, cold, massage, and exercises, completely relieved my symptoms… These have not returned in well over nine weeks. I must also add that Dr. Bishop and his office staff were courteous, friendly, professional, very easy to work and talk with… I would not hesitate to visit Dr. Bishop again, and I recommend him to anyone seeking professional physical therapy and guidance.”      

-Perry C. Bramlett


“If you are experiencing pain, Dr. Daniel Bishop could provide the relief you need. Call the office and make an appointment with him soon and you can be on your way to relieving your problem. He has done wonders for me.”

-Sue Ellen Brazil

“Excellent Physical Therapy and Customer Service! Staff is always Caring, Compassionate and Friendly… Initially Bishop Physical Therapy helped me get over my fears of walking on a prosthetic leg, and now they are helping me gain use of my left arm and hand after removal of tumor on my cervical spine. They have been a Blessing in both my husband and my life.”

-Katie Snell

“Had my first visit today and have immediate relief for my back! Very prompt and professional. We plan to continue maintenance treatments in the future to keep a handle on things. Very pleased with Daniel’s treatment and the overall experience. Thanks Doc!”

-Todd Creamer

“Dr. Bishop & Team-

Thank you all for the work that you’ve done to get me back to living a pain free life…words cannot express my gratitude. Your passion for healing is evident in the care that you give your patients…you are truly appreciated! Best regards,”

-Roxanne Bradley

“Dear Daniel,

“Words cannot express how much I appreciated the excellent therapy given to my feet. The pain and inflammation are always greatly reduced. When I leave your office “almost,” feel like dancing. I look forward to continued relief in the future.”
Karen Crowder”

-Karen Crowder

“I have suffered from pain in my neck and shoulders for over ten years. Over the past year, it became so bad that I could no longer enjoy my hobbies or some days even perform the simple task of dressing myself. I was given a treatment plan that involved physical therapy exercises, acupuncture, chiropractic therapy, and suction cup therapy, along with heat treatments. After only THREE treatments, I have felt no more pain! I am able to do things I never dreamed of being able to do again. After so many years of hurting, I forgot how it felt to wake up in the morning and feel no pain. It is a wonderful feeling! Thank you so much to the wonderful people at Bishop Physical Therapy for giving me my life back.”

-Bethanie Labram

“I started having back pain when I was four months pregnant-it felt like my leg was going to come out of socket on my left side, which made it uncomfortable just sitting still. I started off with coming to Bishop Physical Therapy every week and now I come every two weeks. I actually started feeling relief after my first visit. I no longer feel like my leg is going to pop out of socket. My pain fluctuates due to my belly size and any activity I may do, but I feel better after every visit to Bishop Physical Therapy.”

-Kristy Doering

I came in with severe pain in both arms, elbows, and left wrist. I was also having shoulder, neck, and lower back pain as well as pain in both knees. I had been experiencing this pain for at least six months. I was referred to Bishop Physical Therapy by Sandy Forsman, who suggested I try acupuncture to ease my pain. After each treatment I was getting progressively better and had my back adjusted on my fifth visit. I have had exceptional treatment and now feel better than I have in the past several months. I have gone from a 9 on the ‘pain scale’ to a 3 and can now function (almost) normally. Bishop Physical Therapy has literally been my lifesaver. I have been able to resume doing the things I enjoy. The physical therapists and staff are warm, compassionate, and without a doubt the best you can find. Anywhere!”

-Melody Davis

“Wonderful staff and doctors at Bishop Physical Therapy! Very accommodating, and I felt immediately better walking out the door!”

-Niki Coker

“I had neck and back pain for many years-I had to rest for one hour several times a day due to a genetic problem that can’t be fixed. It was also painful to breathe. I had exercises to do at Bishop Physical Therapy’s clinic and at home; also chiropractic adjustments and acupuncture. My first experience with acupuncture was very positive-within THREE treatments my pain was cut in HALF. I can breathe without pain, which means I can do more and I’m not so dizzy anymore. I love the results. I like that everything is under one roof. Everyone is friendly and really wants to help you be as pain-free as possible.”

-Karen Brown

“I had pain in my neck, shoulders, lower back, and knees-had several months where I could not do certain daily activities without pain. Bishop Physical Therapy had me walk, stretch, do exercises, acupuncture, alignment, and mild manipulation. I have been pain-free for three years-no neck and shoulder discomfort. Dr. Bishop has made me feel so much better. I highly recommend Dr. Bishop to anyone. I have heard similar results from other patients.”

-Grace Wade

“I had pain in my lower back, side, left hip, and left knee. The problem lasted at least fifteen years. Pain was at a 5 on a 0-10 scale. There was no quality of life-unable to walk or function on a daily level. I underwent ten treatments before feeling better, but now 75% of the time I have no pain at all; when I do have pain it’s at a 2. I am pleased with the professional care I got. I’ve been to several other physical therapy groups and by far, I’ve had better results with Bishop’s group and much more improvement.”

-Thomas E. Repoll

“Both of my feet had been swelling and hurting for about a year. I had tried cortisone shots and arthritis meds with very little improvement. It was very painful to stand or walk. I started treatments on November 5, 2015. I went two times per week for three weeks, with one week off for vacation. Then I went three weeks for one time per week. By the end of the first week of treatment my pain had greatly reduced. After the second week I was able to go on a vacation and do a lot of walking with little pain or swelling. My foot no longer hurt or swelled; I can walk, stand and ride my stationary bike with no pain. ALL of the people at Bishop Physical Therapy are not only professional, but very nice. They take a personal interest in making sure you are getting a very high level of care. I firmly believe that the physical therapy and the acupuncture that I received led to me being PAIN-FREE today.”

-Susan Howard

“I had severe headaches-debilitating, at times- that had persisted for weeks and had not responded to medication prescribed by my family doctor. I requested a referral to Dr. Bishop to try acupuncture. Consistent with his standard of practice, he asked me to try three treatments. My first treatment was not successful; on my second visit, we discussed other alternatives based on his research/review following my first visit and altered my treatment plan, with very positive results. For the most part, I am pain-free some two years later. Based on Dr. Bishop’s information and recommendations, I learned strategies which enable me either to avoid headache triggers or act quickly to interrupt its development. Dr. Bishop’s practice is the epitome of professionalism; I recommend him without reservation. Wish my family 200 miles away had access to such quality care.”

-Martha Barton

“I had severe headaches coming from my neck and shoulders due to stress. I think that after three treatments I was a lot better but it was the acupuncture that helped the most. No more headaches since my last procedure, right before Thanksgiving. I highly recommend the acupuncture treatments.”

-Josie DiMartino

“I was having lower back pain that caused nerve pain to shoot down my legs. The pain caused me to be unable to sleep. I started feeling better and better after each treatment of physical therapy and acupuncture. I believe I had a total of fourteen visits. I was taught how to prevent the pain from returning. I am now in control of my life and able to enjoy activities without pain. My primary physician was going to send me to a pain management doctor. I am twenty-six years old and that was not an option in my mind. Bishop Physical Therapy helped me become and stay pain-free without pain medication. Thank you for all that you do Bishop PT!!”

-Katelyn Duffy

“My pain began in September of 2015. My pain level then was a ten, but had diminished to a four by the time I was referred to Bishop-It invaded my sleeping and driving a car. I began to get real relief after the first visit. With the physical therapy and acupuncture, I am back to normal. I love the staff at Bishop Physical Therapy. They just want to heal you so you feel better. They have all been kind and caring. I would highly recommend them.”

-Glenda Pose

“I have had chronic pain for years. I suffer from neck, back, shoulder, leg and hand/arm pain constantly. It limits me on daily activities such as cleaning or putting clothes in the washer and dryer. Acupuncture, stretching, and adjustments help me to manage the pain to where it is tolerable. The treatments loosened me up. My mental outlook is better since I know that I can go to Bishop Physical Therapy and get out of pain. The staff has a wonderful attitude. I have never been to a place where the staff is so committed to me. I feel like I am their only patient.”

-Kay Williams

“I had acute pain in my shoulder progressing down my arm to where I was unable to use it. I also acquired acute pain in my lower back, radiating down my leg. In both cases, Dr. Bishop’s acupuncture gave considerable relief immediately. Both areas are much more comfortable and the shoulder and arm are PAIN-FREE. The lower back is painless, too. I strongly recommend Dr. Bishop’s judgement about the method of treatment chosen and his expertise in administering it.”

-Eugenia Benedict

“I suffered from chronic neck pain for three years due to a car accident in 2008. I dealt with the constant pain for so long because I thought the only solution to the problem was surgery, and I didn’t want to do that at the time. Whenever I would look down for any reason-cooking, cleaning, working- I would feel the pain in my neck get worse and cause very bad headaches. Finally, someone told me about Bishop Physical Therapy and their pain management treatments. I underwent physical therapy exercises, mild manipulation, and acupuncture. After just THREE visits with Dr. Bishop, my chronic pain of three years diminished-I was shocked and very happy with the outcome. I HIGHLY recommend Bishop Physical Therapy to anyone that has pain or needs rehab; wonderful staff and treatments that really help!”

-Sonya Bowling

“I had two lower back fusions and a neck fusion for problems in my neck that disabled me from working at my job. I had numerous injections, steroid shots, and epidurals to try to take away the pain. I was going to undergo surgery but decided to try treatments at Bishop Physical Therapy first. I did exercises, acupuncture, and suction cup therapy. I couldn’t even turn my head before seeing Dr. Bishop, and now I can. Now, this is the best I have felt in ten years!”

Mitch Doze

“I had a three-level spinal fusion and multiple surgeries. I tried other pain management clinics for four years. The approach Dr. Bishop took for my pain has been the best experience. I’m taking very little pain meds now; this treatment has helped me become pretty much pain-free. I have recommended Dr. Bishop to other RN’s and family members because this experience has been the best for my pain control.”

Denise, BSN

“I had pain and aching in my right shoulder for 4-5 months. It became difficult to put on clothes-My pain level was at an 8 or 9. At my first appointment with Dr. Bishop I received acupuncture. I was uncomfortable the next three days, then on the fourth day it was like a switch flipped and my pain dropped to a three. My second appointment included exercises and acupuncture again. There was no discomfort while completing the treatment, and the next day my pain dropped to a one! I had been diagnosed with Bursitis, and my primary doctor said surgery was the only answer, or I could try going to Bishop Physical Therapy first to see if I could get some relief- Wow! Thank goodness I did!!”

-Cathy Stefon

“I had bilateral headaches-dull and constant, accompanied by neck pain and some back pain. I’ve had headaches for at least seven years. Headaches are a daily source of discomfort and anxiety. [At Bishop Physical Therapy] I did combined acupuncture, physical therapy, and manipulation. Dr. Bishop is an extremely talented medical practitioner with a highly specialized talent that integrates three different pain treatment modalities into one seamless treatment. I gladly travel over an hour one-way for treatment. Plus, the practice has the very best front office that I have ever encountered!”

-Jim Brooks


“After having my first ever acupuncture treatment with Dr. Daniel Bishop, I declared him to be my ‘magic man’. He was and still is just that. I’m eighty-six years old and eighteen years ago I had a major stroke, which partially paralyzed my whole right side. With initial intensive therapy, and continuing regular exercise, I have been able to remain active and independent. I have experienced severe pain and an occasional ‘frozen’ shoulder in the past. Because of that, I went to Dr. Bishop and am now living very close to a pain-free life!”

-Evelyn Ward

“I had neck pain for fifteen years; pain was at a ten at times. I could not look down for any amount of time without pain; sleeping was very difficult. I had three treatments [at Bishop Physical Therapy] and felt much better-three more visits and completely recovered! I have no pain or any fear that I am going to hurt my neck. My daily functioning is 100% better. I thought there was no hope but surgery, but after receiving treatments at Bishop Physical Therapy, it has completely changed my outlook on my neck problem. I feel as if I have been healed!”

-John Austin

“I had neck pain and headaches-three bulging discs in my neck and bone spars. I’ve had this problem for many years. My pain was a 7 or 8 and it made living very difficult. It took four or five treatments of acupuncture before I felt better. I had been to chiropractors, pain doctors, had nerve ablation in my neck and injections. Surgeons wanted to do fusion surgery or disc replacement surgery to fix my problem. I was able to be headache-free and without pain [after my treatments at Bishop Physical Therapy], which is something no other treatment has ever given me!! I highly recommend Bishop Physical Therapy to everyone I know. I never thought I’d be able to live PAIN-FREE without surgery, but Daniel Bishop made it possible with acupuncture!”

-Jacqueline Price

“This place is awesome. Whenever my back bothers me, this is the place I go. A couple visits and I’m good to go. Highly recommend Bishop Physical Therapy.”

-Steven Harbison

“I love the staff, the environment and just everything about them. They have helped me with all my Physical Therapy needs.”

-Denise Hester

“Dr Bishop is exceptionally thorough and knowledgeable. The office is an awesome blend of friendliness and professionalism. I am very grateful that my Doctor referred me to Dr. Bishop.”

-Beverly Holt

“Awesome staff, excellent care! Thank you Bishop Physical Therapy!”

-Jennifer Bender

“I have only had one treatment from him but it was awesome. Will be seeing him again Tuesday, this is a compassionate healer who cares more about the well being of his patients than the almighty buck.”

-Dave Moulton

“I can not recommend Bishop Physical Therapy enough. Incredibly grateful for their thorough, compassionate, & dedicated care. My only relief! A true gift and answer to my prayers.”

-Janine Rillo

“Great people here. Very kind and observant of patients’ needs. Highly recommend them!”

-Rebecca Dixon

“Most remarkable results. Good technique for hard to treat pain. Relief!”

-Mark Gulledge

“I had pain in my lower back and left leg. My pain level was a consistent 8 on a ten point scale. I was unable to walk standing straight up and my left foot was numb. I was treated aggressively with physical therapy, acupuncture, and chiropractic services [at Bishop Physical Therapy]. I stood up straight and walked out of my first appointment. After about four weeks of treatment, my pain level was staying a consistent 0-1 on a ten point scale. I regained a normal gait and am able to perform all daily activities that I couldn’t before visiting Bishop Physical Therapy. I plan to keep seeing Bishop Physical Therapy to maintain my spine health. I had a similar injury to my C4-5 and C5-6 discs resulting in a cervical fusion that has caused daily pain ever since surgery. I wish I had known about Bishop Physical Therapy before entertaining the idea of spinal surgery. [Bishop Physical Therapy is] my favorite group of medical professionals I have ever seen!”

-Mark Shobe

“I was treated for carpal tunnel. I have dealt with this for roughly fifteen years, and the pain was intense at times and I would have very limited use of my hand. It also limited my passion for playing the guitar, as my fingers and thumb did not fully operate. My first initial treatment I regained about 50% of use out of my and and thumb; after the second treatment my hand was 100% restored. Daily life has changed. I’m not dropping things I pick up anymore; playing guitar for at least ninety minutes, which I haven’t done in years. Thank you very much to Dr. Bishop and staff on getting me up to speed with my carpal tunnel and lower back injury-thank you!!”

-David Soloff

“I was having severe lower back pain for a couple of weeks. Pain was extreme. I had difficulty walking and I could work for only a few hours a day. I underwent heat and ice treatment, stretching, and acupuncture. After THREE treatments I was doing better. The Bishop team got me on the road to recovery. NO PAIN in fifteen months. The staff is first class. When I finished my treatment it was like I was leaving my friends. I highly recommend Bishop Physical Therapy!”

-Ferrell Anders

“I came in with some pretty serious elbow pain and I can always count on Dr. Daniel Bishop and his team to provide relief! This guy has a set of skills not found anywhere in this area that can treat all types of acute and especially chronic pain. Go see him and tell him Daphne FBBC sent you!”

-Steven Hadley

“I had a meniscus tear repaired. I was walking after surgery, but very limited. It was torn for eight to nine months and then I went to Bishop Physical Therapy four days after surgery. I had a very quick recovery! I am now running and feeling great. Bishop Physical Therapy is such a wonderful place with amazing people! Incredible experience!! God bless you all.”

-Alexandra Hudson

“I came to Bishop Physical Therapy having back pain (upper and lower), upper right arm pain, and right hip pain. I could function daily, but with discomfort. After my first visit I immediately felt better. After the first THREE visits I felt an incredible difference. I am able to walk and run comfortably now. I’m not nearly as tight in my problem areas and I’m much more relaxed.”

-Garilynn Gillespie

“I had pretty bad pain in my left wrist that traveled up through my thumb, due to early stages of carpal tunnel. It got so bad that sometimes I couldn’t turn a door knob or carry a book with my left hand. Dr. Bishop treated me one time with acupuncture, and the aching pain immediately went away. I was actually in shock when I could lift heavy things with my left hand and not feel pain. Instant It’s amazing how much better I feel after going to Bishop Physical Therapy. I highly recommend them!”

-Lauren Bowling


“When I first came to Bishop Physical Therapy, I was dealing with an acute onset of TMJ andIMG_0965 the disc in my jaw had become dislocated. I was in constant , extreme pain. I could hardly sleep or even function. I was told that surgery was likely in my near future. I began seeing a wonderful orthodontist who referred me to Daniel Bishop. At my first appointment, Dr. Bishop spent almost two hours with me. He said that a neck problem was the underlying issue. He adjusted my neck and then recommended acupuncture-I was willing to try anything. Every time Dr. Bishop did acupuncture (once a week), the pain lessened. By week four I finally began to open my mouth, and the disc was back in place-I avoided surgery! This is just one of the reasons I have been to Bishop Physical Therapy. I can not say enough kind words for the doctors and staff!”

-Mindy Stejskal

“I had upper back pain that was moderate but consistent, making days seem longer. I came in to Bishop Physical Therapy two to three times a week, coming out to be around fifteen visits. I found that after only eight visits my pain was more than manageable. After my visits, pain was minimal. The therapists at Bishop Physical Therapy were fantastic to work with!”

-Elizabeth Tatum

“In the cervical spine I have degenerative disks, bone spurs, osteoarthritis, and a narrowed neural tube-I had this for fourteen years. It was a debilitating pain when inflamed. I began with fifteen visits at Bishop Physical Therapy in a five week period. After that, I maintained a monthly visit for five years! Since, I have maintained a pain level of 1-3; This is over a five year period! Dr. Bishop’s dry needling technique has been an amazing experience!! I sing his praises to anyone who has similar problems!”

-Jane Rankin

“I had lower back pain since 1968, and neck pain for the past six months. I underwent two treatments at Bishop Physical Therapy and had considerably less back pain. Everyone there was very professional!”

-James Elliott

“I walked in barely able to move with a lot of lower back pain. These guys are great at their jobs and great people. I highly recommend them!”

-Patty Forthman

“I came in with low back pain, which I had for almost two years! I thought it was just a product of ‘getting older’ and that I was going to have to live with the nagging pain. After THREE treatments I was feeling so much better I could hardly believe it! That nagging back pain just wasn’t there anymore. I am able to sleep again without a heating pad on my back and don’t have to lie down during the day because I couldn’t take the radiating pain down my leg. Along with physical therapy, I opted to have acupuncture of which I was very skeptical…I am now a believer! I think that this helped with a fast recovery! All I know is I haven’t felt this good since my thirties and am in my sixties now!! I also have the tools to keep exercising myself! Awesome.”

-Robyn Kelley

“I had severe neck pain for five years with a pain level of five on a scale of 1-10. I had one treatment at Bishop Physical Therapy and my pain was almost gone-it went from a pain level of five down to a one. My daily functioning has improved significantly since then! Bishop Physical Therapy has been a Godsend for me!”

-Stacie Rayborn

“I had lower back pain that bothered me while I sat at work or drove in the car. After the first treatment at Bishop Physical Therapy, the pain and frequency decreased and did so after each visit. After the fifth visit, it did not bother me at all anymore. I love coming to Dr. Bishop for any pain I have-he has helped my shoulder as well as my back!”

-Sarah Siefert

“I had a knee injury due to falling off a roof a month ago. I had excruciating pain and swelling. I could not not perform tasks at my job. With physical therapy and acupuncture, I felt relief halfway through my treatment. The swelling and pain subsided-now I can do my job without pain! Bishop Physical Therapy has a friendly staff and they are very accommodating. I recommend getting acupuncture there to all my friends.”

-Bruce McKeough

“When I started treatment at Bishop Physical Therapy in 2011, I had injured my shoulder and was trying to avoid surgery. I had also been treated in several chiropractic offices for neck and upper back pain from a car wreck for over twenty years. My neck and back pain was not severe, but it was a constant irritation which included pain in my shoulders and neck along with frequent headaches. I also had frequent muscle spasms in my neck and upper shoulders and never seemed to hold a chiropractic adjustment for more than a week at a time. The pain in my right shoulder was acute, and I had very limited mobility. Initially, I had physical therapy twice a week. With a combination of needling and adjustments, my neck and back pain was reduced significantly within a few weeks. The pain in my shoulder was also somewhat reduced, but after a few months of minimal improvements in mobility, Dr. Bishop recommended that I see a surgeon for surgery. The surgery was successful, but my shoulder was ‘frozen’ from the months of limited mobility so we started physical therapy again as soon as the surgeon allowed. The needling was a huge help for pain relief during physical therapy and continued to help my neck and shoulder pain as well. Within six months, I had full range of motion in my previously frozen shoulder, and within a few more months, I was able to play tennis and enjoy activities that I had not done for years. Because I was able to resume my favorite fitness activities, I now have more upper body strength at age 50 than at any other time in my life! Although some of my workout activities irritate my neck and shoulders, I am able to go two and sometimes three weeks between chiropractic adjustments and I rarely have muscle spasms! The pain relief and shoulder rehab has been terrific, but I have been most impressed with Dr. Bishop’s diligence in seeking to treat the source of the pain. I have never known a doctor who is more committed to getting RESULTS for his patients and I am thankful to have found this practice!”

-Daphne Cook

“I had developed a limp caused by my pelvis being off-centered. My pain was minimal, however my limp was becoming annoying.  After my first therapy session I was much better. The therapy included some exercises and adjustments which realigned my pelvis-this made my legs even. My walk is much better and with no noticeable pain. The staff are all professional and pleasant to be with. My overall experience has been excellent.”

Frank Moseley

“I had a hip replacement on my right hip and started therapy about three weeks after. I never had much pain, but I had very limited range of motion and daily function. Our plan for me was to get me walking normally and steadily again. It took about four or five treatments to accomplish that but my therapy lasted from February to April to keep improving my walking. When I came in on my first session, I left walking on my crutches correctly. Now I am in school and walking from class to class with everyone else. I’m also able to do most of the things I used to do now. Everyone at Bishop Physical Therapy was amazing, especially my therapist, Dr. Cornelison. She is so special to me and my family and made a huge difference in how I recovered. She made coming to therapy more enjoyable and not like a chore.”

Frances Grace Hirs

“I came in with lower back pain that I had for over a year. My pain was chronic daily pain that limited my physical activities. I couldn’t enjoy my family and daily life. I was skeptical at first but I was also at the point where I was ready to try anything (except surgery). After the third visit I felt considerable relief and was able to participate in coaching my kids in sports-for that I am grateful. I went from coming home from work and laying on my bed to coaching and participating in sports with my kids. We even had a family kickball game on a camping trip that I was able to enjoy! I am still cautious in my activity level, but as long as I continue the exercises they taught me then I feel great. I also appreciated the fact that everyone at Bishop Physical Therapy connected with me and also educated me on what, how, and why I was injured and recovering. Thank you all! You all have given me my life back! I no longer have to take pills for depression!”

-Anthony Robinson

“I had severe pain in lower back, hip, thigh. It limited my walking. I had to limit my activities. On a scale of one to ten, I would say it was an eight. I started feeling better after a couple of visits. Pain was about a six after four visits it was about a two or three. After six visits there was NO pain! My pain is now gone. I do daily exercises prescribed by the staff. I am able to do whatever I did before! The physical therapists at Bishop Physical Therapy were outstanding. The staff at the front desk are very helpful, friendly, and always have wonderful smiles.”

-Harry Mitchell

“I had an L4-L5 hemi-laminectomy in early April 2016. It lead to over a year and a half of pain from a pinched nerve. Physical therapy following surgery has been outstanding. I now have very little pain. I can walk for two miles without pain. I award this group [Bishop Physical Therapy] FIVE STARS! They could not be better. I would like to mention that Amanda Cornelison, DPT and Jessica Dorriety, PTA possess the exceptional ability to lift the patients’ spirits and strengthen them. The entire staff is truly wonderful. It has been a pleasure, not a chore, to be a patient at Bishop Physical Therapy.”

Angela Morgan